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N95 Respirator Mask Duck Bill
N95 Respirator Mask Duck Bill

Product Description

Salient Feature:

• Filter Efficiency > 95% against 0.26 µm NaCl Aerosol airflow at 85 Litres/Minute
• Average Maximum % Leakage of  2.5%
• Inhalation Resistance average of 9.4mm H2O
• Exhalation Resistance average of 12.6mm H2O


Production Technology:

• 100% ultrasonically machine manufactured without manual intervention
• Cost efficiencies through automation, Higher quality product finishing
• Hygienic automated production processes, Unique Duck Bill Design


Ergonomic design permits perfect fit on any face shape. Minimal face contact more comfortable and less irritation. Large breathing chamber allows longer use, more comfort and better performance by the user. Excellent inhalation/exhalation performance eliminates requirement for valve and therefore potentially dangerous valve leakage. Enhanced visibility for users wearing goggles/specs.