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Operating / Examination Light (Mobile Type)
Operating / Examination Light (Mobile Type)

Product Description

Operating room lighting lamp is fit for various requirements in surgical operation, and is an ideal illumination equipment for modern operation rooms. Dichroic glass REF reflector system. Color temperature approaching that of sunlight. Making the tissue surface visible in natural color. Depth of light beams reachig over 500mm. Even illumination. Effectively eliminating shadows under various circumstances. Light adjustment through dimmer, enabling increase or decrease of illumination.  The main bulbs can be easily and conveniently replaced. The handle can be sterilized. Tungsten halogen bulbs of international brand are adopted with the average service life up to 1500 hours. Light head- Single or Double as per Requirement.  Color- White and Blue.  Light Intensity- Adjustable

Technical Specifications:
- Luminance: 80,000 Lux
- Color temperature: 4300K±500K
- Spot diameter: 160-280mm
- illumination depth: =600mm
- Light head: 20’’inch Fiber
- Reflectors: Dichroic glass REF. 6.5” dia
- Light-adjusting mode: Dimmer system
- Temperature at surgeon’s head: =2°C
- Color rendition index: =95%
- Input power: 220W
- Power(W) Bulb of: 24v70w
- I.R. Absorption: 85.00%
- Power consumption: 300 W
- Sterilizable handle: provided in the centre of dome.