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Anaesthesia Machine
Anaesthesia Machine

Product Description
  • Hook for Breathing Circuit 
  • One Maggill's or Bain Circuit
  • Wipe Clean Stainless Steel Top 
  • 60 Psi Outlet for Driving Ventilator 
  • Change Oven Circuit or Close Circuit 
  • Convential Mounting of Circle Absorber (Optional)
  • High Efficiency Regulator for Reliability Two for O2 & N2O
  • Top Tray Provided At Eye Level for Keeping Monitoring Equipments  
  • Large Roller Bearings, Anistatic Castors, for Easy Mobility and Brake 
  • Cylider Yokes : Pin Indexed Yokes Two Each of Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide. 

  • Emergency Oxygen Flush Valve At Table Level to Give 35-60 Ltrs/min for Emergencies 
  • One Gold Man Type Vaporizer for Halothene Provision to Mount Three Vaporizer At a Time. 
  • Unitised Rota Meter Block for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide with fine Adjustment Controls & Colour 
  • 63 Mm Diameter Colour Coded Gauges Fitted At Convential Angle for Better Visibility & Clarity. 
  • Construction : Trolly Made By Tublar Riged Steel Section Electrostically Power Coated or stainless Steel. 
  • Capacious Drawer for Keeping Anaesthesia Kit / Accesories Extended Platform At Rear for Two 10 Ltr. (water Cap.) Cylinder 
  • Non Return Cum Blow Off Valve in Circuit Ensures that Pressures Does Not Builup Beyond 200cm. Water Column & Minimises Risk of Back Flow of Gases. 
  • Coated Knob and Luminious Back Plate. Oxygen Flow Meter Calibrated from 100 Cc/min to ltrs/min & Nitrons Oxide Flow Meter from 200cc/min to 12 Liters/min. Down Stream Recipt of oxygen (air 0 to 12 Ltrs Optional).