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Semen Collection Gloves
Semen Collection Gloves

Product Description
Disposable veterinary gloves are used by veterinarians for examinations. Especially for cattle, horse, sheep, bovine, equine, etc surgery or just general animal handling.  Veterinary Gloves are gloves for use by vets for examinations, surgery, semen collection or just general animal handling. High Quality Artificial Insemination Veterinary Equipment Long arm Gloves.
 * Strong Veterinary Long Sleeve PE Disposable Safety Gloves With Elastic For Animal Husbandry
 * Length : 85-95cm.The standard length is 90cm.
 * Latex free and powder free.
 * Color : Orange, Red, Transparent, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, etc.
 * The standard color is red and orange.
 * Avoid contact with unwanted and dangerous substances.
 * Widely used in veterinarian, for animals insemination and rectal palpation.
 * Superior strength with better puncture resistance.
 * Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity.
 * Custom design enhances comfort and fit.
 * Loose design ensures easy on and off aplications.
 * Recycled and eco-friendly.
 * Popular in animal husbandry
Pack of 100pcs (50 Pairs)