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Product Description

MUAC tapes are predominately used to measure the upper arm circumference of children, helping identify malnutrition. Medical MUAC Tapes are made from high quality flexible & Washable PVC Material. A box of MUAC Tape contains 25pieces in it.


Technical Specification
Measurement - cm
Graduations - 1mm
Measuring Range - upto 26.5cm (For Child)
Colour Coded : 3-11.5cm (Red), 11.5-12.5cm (Yellow) 12.5 To 26.5cm (Green).
Measuring Range - upto 45.5cm (For Adult)
Colour Coded : 3-21cm (Red), 21-23cm (Yellow) 23 To 45.5cm (Green).
Pack of 25pcs in a Box.