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Product Description
The MERM T-1000 is a table top medicine dispenser, designed to easily hold a month’s supply of TB medication. The modular design allows for diverse container sizes. The MERM T-1000 allows real-time adherence management automatically synchronizing with the cloud service. The MERM T-1000 system is an affordable, scalable tool for managing TB medication adherence.
The MERM T-1000 dispenser consists of two hardware components, namely the electronic module and the medication container. This modular design allows the electronic module to be reused and the container to be replaced if needed. The electronic module slots into the container so that the indicator LEDs are visible through the front of the container. A USB port can be accessed by opening the container.
• Suitable for use with blister packaged TB medications
• Modular construction to reduce cost and permit container customization
• Significant billboard space to communicate to patients and allow for region 
specific customization.
• Usage Instruction labels - color coded on the box and inside the box
• Simple data acquisition using a magnetic sensor to detect container opening
• Programmable Alert Mechanisms consisting of:
a)  Three (3) LED Lights
b)  Green - Dose Alert;
c)  Yellow - Refill
d)  Red - Low Battery
e)  An Audible tone to indicate that a dose is due
• Two versions available
• Basic (Monthly data transfer via USB)
• Real-time (Using highly available and affordable 2G capability).
• Affordable and reusable - less than INR 500 per patient based on conservative re-use assumptions.
• Very low patient burden - no recharging required.
• Easily integrated into existing open source and national health data systems.

Highly patient-centric adherence monitoring
• Reminders of dosing and refill
• Supports enhanced adherence counselling and Enables differentiated care to drive health-system efficiency and improve treatment outcomes.
• Battery Backup : 1000 mAh Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery
• Connectivity : 2G (SIM to be installed and Data Pack to be activated by Customer)
• Dimensions (approx.) : 280x220x90mm  (LxBxH)