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Automated Microplate Washer
Automated Microplate Washer

Product Description
  1. Several washing channels for use.
  2. 10differenl shape plates acceptable.
  3. New protection design, no liquid spilling. 
  4. Self calibration and trouble alarm function.
  5. Pre-washing function to avoid tubes plugging.
  6. positions of needles are adjustable, fit for multi-kind of plates.
  7. Two groups of needles on washing head 10 minimize carryover.
  8. Automatic monitoring of vacuum and pressure, automatic rinse cycle.
  9. Strong washing function, bottom washing and two positions aspiration make completed washing effect.

Technical Parameters
Plate:    48/96 well and trips (U,V, Flat bottom)  
Residual Volume:    =2ul
Dispensing volume:    Adjustable from 50 to 900 ul
Wash cycles:    1-16 optional
Mode of wash:      From 1 to 12, row and rank, selectable
Soak time:    Up to 990 seconds adjustable
Shake time:    Up to 990 seconds adjustable.
Display:    Large LCD
Channel:    1 washing channel, one distilled water channel,
   one waste liquid
Memory:        up to 100 programs can be stored
Interface:        RS232
Dimension:    440*305*154mm
Gross Weight:    8kg(machine)    3kg(accessories)
Power Supply:        AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz