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Product Description

Our ultrasound’s main board was designed to process ultrasound images, it works stable in the long run and offers great image quality thanks to the 16 chipsets for image processing and our premium quality rectal probe with 3 inches reading area. Contec offers a probe with only 2 inches reading area and only 1 image processor which means lower image quality.

This is a standalone ultrasound which doesn’t rely on Apps for mobile devices to work. A Standalone Ultrasound will always work when you need it but a Wireless Probe only works if seller updates App and subject to hardware compatibility.

  • Perfect for animals like cattle, horse, camel, equine and cow.
  • 5.5'' multicolor display and AV port to view in real-time images on your TV, monitor or to connect a video printer.
  • Multi-frequency rectal probe with 3 in/ 7.5 cm reading area & cable length of 7.8 ft./ 2.4 m. Frequencies: 5.5/ 6.5/ 7.5 MHz.
  • Built-in memory to storage up to 128 images.
  • Cineloop.
  • Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B.
  • Scan depth: adjustable 70 to 240 mm.
  • Image process: histogram, color encode, GAMA and image smoothen.
  • Measurement: distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, GA and EDD.
  • Focus position: adjustable.
  • Gray shade: 256 gray levels.
  • Body marks: 16.
  • Annotation: date, time, name, sex, ID, age  and full screen editor.



  • (1x) Portable ultrasound scanner.
  • (1x) Multi-frequency rectal probe (5.5/ 6.5/ 7.5 MHz.).
  • (1x) Rechargeable Li-lon battery.
  • (1x) Power adapter (110-220 volts, 50/60 Hz).
  • (1x) Belt for shoulder.
  • (1x) Silicone case for the main unit.
  • (1x) Carrying case.
  • (1x) User manual.