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Electro Ejaculator (Pulsator)
Electro Ejaculator (Pulsator)

Product Description
The Animal Electro-Ejaculator uses the low voltage and small alternating current to stimulate the nerve center of the sacrum. After being stimulated, the animal will produce the ejaculation process automatically. Easily achieve the purpose of semen collecting. It can suitable for collecting semen and animals that cannot breed well. According to experiments, Animal Elctro-Ejaculator is suitable for most animals, such as cattle, panda, sheep, deer, rabbit, chicken, guinea pigs, mouse, fox, raccoon, dog and so on.
  1.  Animal Electro-Ejaculator Host
  2.  Stimulating Electrode Probe (2 Bull Porbe 75mm straight)
  3.  Power Cord
  4.  Semen collection handle
  5.  Scrotal Tape
  6.  Disposable cones and vials.
  7.  Instructions
  •  Power :  200W
  •  Voltage :  0~ 15V AC + 0~ 50V AC :
  •  Current : <2A
  •  Power Supply : AC 220V