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Product Description
ROTATE THE SCREEN : The display screen can be rotated by 120° up and down and 360° left and right for easy viewing of the insemination process.
ULTRA-CLEAR CAMERA : Using high-definition micro-focus camera, the display is compatible with working environments such as strong light, dark, cold, dry, hot, and wet.
PROBE DETAILS : The air duct is designed to blow away the water vapor generated by the temperature difference or the sticking of the camera.
VIBRATION MASSAGE FUNCTION : Soothing the uterus of cows, heating at constant temperature, similar to the body temperature of cows, making insemination easier.
PATENTED PRODUCTS : After repeated trials and development, the most suitable round head size for the uterus of dairy cows has been developed, which is safer to use.
TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS : Photos, videos, playback, image enlargement, image output and printing, clearly record every moment.
  • Total length: 45cm (approx.)
  • Handle width: 8cm (approx.)
  • Endoscope probe: 35cm (approx.)
  • Probe diameter: 22mm (approx.)
  • Air passage: 2mm (approx.)
  • Camera channel: 3.9mm (approx.)
  • (Cold light source) camera: 180 wide angle;
  • Working channel: 11mm. (approx.)
  • Pixels: 5 million (approx.)
  • Screen size: 3.5 inches, (approx.)
  • Resolution: 640x480 (approx.)
  • Rotation angle: 120 degrees before and after 360 degree expansion;
  • Head diameter: 23mm (approx.)
  • Extension head length: 15mm (approx.)
  • Vas deferens: 65cm (approx.)

  • Storage space: maximum 256G memory card;
  • Function: take photo, video, output and print out;
  • USB charging: built-in battery, USB;
  • Charging time: 2h.
  • Model: P5-1000;
  • Input: 100-240v ac50/60-Z 0.15a;
  • Output: 5V dc 2000mA;
  • High-end suitcase *1;
  • 100 disposable coat bags;
  • 1 power cord;
  •  5 heads with extended field of view;
  • 10 shells;
  • 1 infusion needle.